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The instrument is intended for the revision of electrical and medical equipments.

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The instrument is intended for the revision of electrical and medical equipments. The instrument is equipped with the real time clock (RTC) and a memory up to 10000 measured values and the graphic LCD display, lighted from below. The instrument PU 294 DELTA is intended for testing of electrical equipment according to the standards ČSN EN 331600, ČSN 331610 and medical instruments according to the standard ČSN 60601-1. It can be used in the revision of the new products in the continuous revision and the revision of the products after repairs. With the accessory PD 294 also three-phase appliances can be revised.

The instrument enables following measurements:

  • Insulation resistance
  • Protective conductor resistance
  • Leakage currents (including medical equipment)
  • Contact current
  • Mains voltage
  • Power consumption
  • Active intake, apparent absorption and power factor of the measured device
  • Residual voltage on the plug pins after the appliance disconnection according to the standard ČSN EN 61010-1 und ČSN EN 60204-1
  • Possibility of connection of the temperature sensor, current clamp transformer, speedometer and the barcode scanner
  • Via USB the bi-directional communication with the PC possible

Optional accessories:

  • PD 294 – Module for three-phase systems
  • PD 294.1 – Module for the verification of the proper function PU 294
  • PD 294.2 – Clamps for current measurements
  • PD 294.3 – Speedometer probe
  • PD 294.4 – Temperature sensor PT 100
  • PD 294.5 – Barcode scanner
  • PD 294.6 – Adapter for connection of testing module PD 294
  • PD 294.7 – Fixture for revisions of medical equipment
  • PD 294.8 – Adapter for revisions of welding equipment

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