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NMTI1 - current converter AC

NMTI 1 - Single-input transducer

A modern multipurpose quantity-to-current loop converter designed for installation in switchboards.

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NMTI 1 - Single-input transducer

The NMTI 1 transducer of alternating current is intended for mounting into switchboards. Its rated input current can be arbitrarily adjusted within the range from 1A to 5A, in accordance with the requirements of the user. The device measures the true effective (TRMS) value of AC.


  • powering voltage                                          20V to 260V  DC or AC 50/60 Hz
  • power consumption                                      1.5W at fully loaded outputs
  • number of current measuring inputs             1
  • rated input current In                                    selectable within 1A to 5A range
  • input current range                                        0 to 1.2 In     
  • accuracy of current measurement                 0.2 % In         
  • input overload capacity, permanently           1.2 In

                                                   short-time               20 x In /one second

  • analogous output                                          1

-  current type                                               0...20mA; 4...20 mA

or on order                                                                0…x mA (x= 5 to 20 mA)

            -  voltage type                                               0...10 V

  • settling time after the connection of power supply              1 minute
  • operating temperature range                                     -25 to +70°C


-       voltage output                                        Ru higher than Uan /8mA

-       current output                                        Ri loop  resistance less than 10V/Ian

  • dielectric strength (as per ČSN EN 61010-1)

-       inputs against the outputs and power circuits              3700V; 50Hz/1min

-       in between the inputs                                                    1000 V; 50 Hz/1min

  • weight                                                               no more than 150g
  • dimensions                                                       101x114x24 mm
  • operating temperature range                            -25 to +70°C
  • error caused by ambient temperature  

no more than ±0,1%/10°C  as per the requirements of ČSN EN 606 88, to apply for –25°C to +55°C (+ additive error caused by ambient temperature ranging from +55°C to +80°C)

  • working position                                             arbitrary
  • protection degree                                            IP 20
    • electromagnetic compatibility            radiation: in accordance with ČSN EN 55011-B standard
      • immunity: as per ČSN EN 6100-6-2 standard, ed.3

Safety according to ČSN EN 61010 – 1 standard: equipment of class II, overvoltage category  III after having become a part of the installation (highest voltage against the earth: 300Vrms), pollution degree 2

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